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The Indiana Academy of Osteopathy is devoted to promoting and providing educational programs to further osteopathy in Indiana and other underserved areas. Our goal is to enhance osteopathic manpulative medicine education for current DO’s, provide stimulating education for current students, and introduce osteopathic thought, manipulation, and its usage to MD’s and other heathcare workers in the State.

This is accomplished through one-day courses provided in conjunction with the IOA's spring and winter updates, and a longer annual course in the fall of the year. More courses will be added as need arises.

The IAO is a component society of the American Academy of Osteopathy (AAO), whose headquarters are also located in Indianapolis, IN. As a component society, we service the osteopathic manipulatve medicine educational needs of the State and other underserved areas.

To become a member, or to get onour mailing list for upcoming courses, please contact us here.

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