Class Format

The IAO currently provides two course formats:

Our one-day courses are principle based - we teach you the HOW (the thought process and application) of a technique. That thought process is repeated throughout the day on various parts of the body and integrated into the whole. We cover the diagnositc principles, the nomenclature of the area, and the application of the technique in a way that allows you to directly take it back to your practice and apply it on all body areas.

This curriculum runs in a three-year cycle. We will cover muscle energy, strain/counterstrain, functional, high velocity/low amplitude, sequencing (how to let the body guide the treatment process),….

Our 2.5 day annual course is more in depth. We bring in a guest speaker to present a topic, and the IAO faculty act as table trainers. In years past we have brought in: Bruno Chikly, MD, DO for the Brain 1 Course; Ed Stiles, DO, FAAO for Sequencing, Cranial and Functional Methods; Rue Tikker, DPM for the AT Still Approach to Foot and Ankle Injuries ….

Special courses will be offerd on other topics as well.

The IAO provides category 1A CME (continuing medical education) throught the AOA (Americal Ostaopthic Association). This CME will count for MD’s, DO’s, Dentists, and Physical Therapists. If you are intertested in taking one of our courses, or in bringing a course to your area, please contact ushere.

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